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Art & Soul Tattoo Company

By Appointment Only

Art and Soul Tattoo Company located in McHenry, IL. We want to give you the best experience in creating your tattoo in a professional studio. We have a laid back and easygoing studio where we will help you in creating a memorable visit and some amazing ink. With our friendly and helpful staff, we are sure you will receive absolute satisfaction. From the moment you walk into Art and Soul Tattoo Company, our friendly staff and artists will help make you feel welcomed. We understand that some tattoo shops can be intimidating. Our dedication to customer service is what helps to set Art and Soul Tattoo Company apart.

We are dedicated to your safety as well as to our artists. Our artists are trained in blood borne pathogens and sterilization procedures. We deliberately exceed industry standards. We are happy to answer any questions so please feel free to send us a message down below.




Justin Murov.

Growing up I always had a love for art and drawing. I took every art class in school and decided to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. My dad bought me my first tattoo machine in 2006, and I practiced on grapefruits and fake flesh. Through a mutual friend I met Kappy and started my apprenticeship in 2007. From then on I worked in various tattoo shops and now I am thrilled to be at my own shop where we give great service and commitment to all our clients.


My wife Cory really pushed me to open Art & Soul and chase my dreams. Honestly the shop wouldn’t be here today without her and the endless support from my family, friends and clients.


I strive to learn something new everyday to master the craft of tattooing and really hone in on my skill set.


Aside from tattooing I enjoy riding my Harley and spending time with my wife and kids. 



Cory Murov.

Wife. Manager. Boss lady.


Justin would say I’m the backbone of the company, but I’m just here to make sure the shop is running and everyone is happy! It took a long time and a lot of hard work to open Art & Soul and I owe a huge thanks to the City and Mayor of McHenry for all of the help we received during the early opening stages. After being denied for our first location, we didn’t give up and here we are today, open for biz!!



Travis Anderson.


My name is Travis Anderson, and art is my passion. For as long as I can remember art in any form has intrigued me. Even in school I would take any/all artistic classes because that’s the one place I could openly express myself and thoughts. It wasn’t until my father sat me down one day and asked what I wanted to do for a living that I decided to become a tattoo artist. Little did I know this career choice would unlock my true potential and help me continue to grow as an artist and person! I have now been tattooing for 9 years! I’ve had the honor of exploring all different forms of tattooing. However, my favorite styles are anything black and grey realism, black and grey, neo traditional, lettering, floral, and new school. I would love to learn more about portraits and practice the human anatomy. This will allow me to be as versatile as I can be when it comes to styles. I’m a dad of 4 who is very family oriented and is glad every day I have a second chance at life and just want to help others be as happy as I am

Art and Soul Tattoo Company Mchenry






3405 W Elm Street Mchenry , IL 60050

Tel: 815-331-8367



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